Debugging Sweep Services


Evaluating your risk is vital to maintaining your business continuity, security, and peace of mind. Identifying the potential for electronic eavesdropping should be a major part of your organizations overall risk management strategy.

Our professional Sweep services compliment your due-diligence processes by protecting your confidential information, your planning, your customer information, and your reputation.

Too often we see private and professional/corporate clients looking for extra privacy, or confidentiality — without considering where else their privacy could be leaked. With advancements in technology a surveillance countermeasure also known as a (Debugging) sweep or electronic surveillance sweep is a highly-specialized service that detects the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden mobile devices, electronic hidden microphones, video transmitters, micro-sized GPS Tracking devices and hostile Wi-Fi Equipment “bugs.” The goal of a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure is to identify existing security breaches and/or potential weaknesses. Beyond that of planting a hidden camera behind your boss’ desk, there are numerous ways for a person to record or transmit sensitive information from one point to another. Bug sweeping is a service that encompasses a long list of techniques and practices including; infra-red and GPS detection; mains electricity and power supply wiring analysis; radio frequency scans and; visual and physical inspections along with classic light, Bluetooth and broad-frequency radio wave detection. Using specialized equipment, well trained and experienced we offer full debugging sweeps of offices, homes and vehicles. Our services are available to government and private individuals. Each sweep consists of the following.

  • Conduct an assessment of your physical environments including homes, vehicles, boardrooms and offices
  • Conduct an assessment of your RF frequencies looking for potential information leaks or security breaches and hostile transmissions
  • We use the latest electronic counter surveillance equipment

Physical inspection for none transmitting devices if required

  • Full email report on completion
  • Highly Experienced
  • Services available day or night
  • Discreet and reliable.

Instead of hoping that bugs, surveillance equipment, or spyware have not been installed on your property, work with a specialist who can confirm as much — and remove any invading equipment from your space. Ready for a clean slate? Speak with our in-house experts to learn more about a scan of your environment and how we can deactivate, debug, and ramp up your security today.